Security Monitoring

Security monitoring and information technology are beginning to pair up to change the face of the security industry, and holm security is one of the names that is making big strides. Monitoring a network is quite complex, and seemed almost impossible at first. But that is changing fast and now there are a lot of companies specialising in that field, however, holm security uses the best and the latest in technology to make it possible. Holm security offers a secure platform via cloud security applications which can handle all the security concerns of a company online.

What they do

They monitor

Holm security offers a service that can monitor every aspect of a network and system in real time. Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, Paradox, IBM DB2, and other database systems are monitored and scanned for anything that makes it vulnerable, like a virus.

Give detailed reports and solution

Other security monitoring system may just be able to provide intense monitoring option for a system, however, at, they present every suspected abnormality by analysing network traffic and provide solutions to these problems. They deal with it as quickly as they can, especially the ones that have an instant solution, like changes that are made by unauthorised users and applying the anti-virus services. If otherwise, they notify the administrator immediately.

Holm security monitoring system is capable of doing so much more than just watching and reporting. It can track events on any machine connected to its network like login, logout and, password attempts. It can track file systems and databases accessed by specific members.

Security platform

  • Network Scanning and everything in-between
  • Web application scanning
  • Fraud risk assessments
  • Monitoring of email blacklist
  • Monitoring database and hacked websites

They are truly professionals in administering security monitoring and are concerned with preventing hacks and malware that can enter a system and do damages. They help in understanding when a system or network is broken into and to catch every interference.