Hotel Ratings, and What They Mean

As any traveller knows, four stars in one place will not mean the same as four stars in another. Although four stars in essence are still four stars which means that you should get a similar level of service at both places regardless of where in the world you may be.

Everything is Subjective

Two hotels in the same who use the same grading system may give different people different exp
eriences. Everything will not always be the same no matter what the circumstances may be. For example the two different chefs may cook the food. The one day you may love the food while your friend hates the food. Therefore it is important to take into account that everything is subjective.

Although there are no set rules, regulations or ways to determine exactly what to expect as a general guideline you can expect the following in most cases.

One Star Hotel

This usually is a very basic option which may include sharing. There may not be food on offer and a vending machines or shops may be on the premises. Do not expect much at all from a one star hotel.

Two Stars Hotel

This is definitely going to be an upgrade from a one star however it may not very luxurious. Picture a place to sleep a television and a place to eat. They may even have restaurants on the premises.

Three Stars Hotel

You can expect better facilities. From around three stars up things start to drastically improve. You can consider a higher level of comfort, more food, better amenities and much more.

Four Stars Hotel

Now is the time when suite options become available. You can have everything that your heart desires in most four stars, including business facilities.

Five Stars Hotel

This is going to be a luxurious accommodation with the very best of everything at your disposal. You should expect everything of the very best in terms of quality and service.