Hotel Etiquette

Regardless of how many times you have stayed in a hotel before, it is essential for you to always remember hotel etiquette and manners. Even if you are aware of everything you need know, which you more than likely are, it could be useful to politely share the information with your friends who may be unaware.

Be Considerate ohotel.jpg_1572130063f Other Guests

It is really rude to play loud music and scream at all hours of the night. Keep the noise levels to a minimum, especially at night time. You should know that some people may have children with them who need to sleep, or may be in a hotel because they needed accommodation before a surgery or a business meeting.

Don’t Leave a Mess in Your Room

Just because there may be cleaning staff, that doesn’t mean that you should behave like… A pig! Throw things in bins and keep the same standards that you would maintain at home.

Tip Staff

A sign of good manners and respect is to tip the staff. You need to be careful not to leave a tip which is too low and insulting. Hotel staff rotate shifts so if you’re happy with the service, try and consider everyone who has worked in your room.

Always Show Manners

Be sure to show as much manners as you can to the kitchen staff, reception staff, maintenance staff and the cleaning staff. Don’t forget to say please and thank you.

Everything is not Free

It is useful to know from the start that if you have a small fridge in your room, it may come with snacks and drinks. Try to keep this fridge as clean as possible. You also need to be prepared from day one to pay for anything you find in there as those snacks and drinks are not free!

Appropriate Timing

Be sure to check in to your hotel at an appropriate time and, if you are early, be willing to wait. Before checkout, be sure to do so in a timely manner and don’t leave at the very last minute.