Basic Accomodation Questions Answered

There are many common doubts and misconceptions about accommodation, and it is best to clarify some of these questions and provide you with the answers to them. This should help you to fully be able to understand the different options available to you and which one is best for you.

  • What are the budget traveler’s options?

Budget traveler options include backpackers, hostels, motels and, usually, accommodation which is shared. Options geared towards tourists usually cater for simple lodging optiostar-rating1ns as most travelers and tourists are in groups and on tours during the daytime.

  • What is self-catering?

Self-catering refers to a place where guests will have to cook and prepare their own meal in a kitchen that is available on the premises but is shared with other guests. All travelers staying in a self-catering environment are fully responsible for their living environments, and they will need to tidy after themselves.

  • What are hotel ratings?

Hotel ratings are used in order to classify hotels according to various attributes. They are graded according to their quality in many avenues. There are different grading schemes and organizations all over the world. The majority of systems involve stars and a higher number usually translates to better quality. In many instances the ratings of a hotel do make a huge difference.

  • What is a luxury hotel?

First thing first: there is not a set amount of stars that needs to be present in order for a hotel to be considered luxurious. However, more often than not hotels which have a 4 or 5 star rating consider themselves to be luxury. Be aware of places that may call themselves luxury but which are actually not: they may have obtained that status in the past but maybe have let quality slide since: a tip is to do research beforehand, by reading reviews and the like.